Entering the big bad world - finding my dream job and moving to London

Without a doubt London is a crazy place, I originally never planned on moving here but life throws me a few breadcrumbs and I follo...

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Without a doubt London is a crazy place, I originally never planned on moving here but life throws me a few breadcrumbs and I followed. 

How it started
I packed my bag and moved to London in November 2015. Previously I was looking for a job in London since I graduated in June but with no luck (I barely had 4 interviews in the 5 months I was looking). I guess they saw where I was living and was like "nahhhh thanks". Also, my boyfriend and I were doing the long distance relationship after graduation thing which was tough. So when my boyfriend and his family offered to take me in whilst I look for a job and my own place...I took it. As I thought that I would be there a couple of weeks, top!

The beginning of something unique
Before moving to London I contacted feelunique via LinkedIn after I went to an interview with this social media recruitment company which gave me the details of the person to contact after I described to them my dream job. At first I was very skeptical about whether or not this method will work and I did put off contacting feelunique for about a week before thinking "this will literally be my dream job and I have nothing to lose". 

So I sent an InMail on LinkedIn asking for a job...any job, surprisingly I received a reply asking to send them my CV. Later on I received a call from their HR department asking if I would be willing to work in the International Marketing team which I said yes. I mean, I always had it at the back of my mind that I wanted to do something international hence my choice in degree but I hadn't applied to any marketing job because they all required degree in marketing which I don't have. So, I guess I really did applied at the right time.

A couple of weeks passed and I still haven't heard back from them and I was starting to lose hope but just when I was about to pick up my phone to call them. They called me back to arrange an interview. I received a job offer with feelunique within 2 weeks of moving to London. Now I'm in my fourth month with feelunique and honestly, I love the company, the people and I love the work I am doing there. I couldn't quite believe how lucky I got with my first job. This might seems super cheesy but it really made me feel like all those rejection emails and calls were just so I can get this job.

Life is never a smooth sailing
However, I wasn't getting lucky everywhere. My biggest challenge since moving to London was that I found it extremely difficult to find accommodation. Even though, I used sites like SpareRoom and EasyRoomate (beware, a lot of scams on this site). When it comes to getting the edge with SpareRoom, you really need to pay for Premium Membership because all the good rooms go in like 2 days and if they don't, it's probably because the current roommate is batshit crazy! 

After living at my boyfriend's parents for over a month, in my desperation to move out increased because I was definitely overstaying much longer than I intended to. Although, everyone were very kind and welcoming but everyone needs their own space.  

I can't tell you how many ridiculous things I experienced whilst looking for a place... I saw a place with the landlord and his wife and children living in the living room (the ad specifically said live out landlord). A room a size of a cupboard for £900 in zone 2. I also nearly moved in with a girl that put in the contract the amount of nights my boyfriend was allowed to stay plus any other guests. Then the other one was where the landlord would only allowed me to have guest for 2 nights...a month, maybe 3 nights if it's my mum. Actually I was so desperate to move out that I was considering this place but luckily my boyfriend convinced me not to because I have no idea where my brain was at that point. I honestly have never experienced anything so stressful. I feel like I could write a book on my awful experience trying to find a room in London. 

At the end of the day...
Before I moved to London and found my flat, I tried to convince my friend from sixth form to move to London with me and share a flat but she was too busy being all careful and adult like (aka responsible and thinking ahead). Unlike me, where I just drop everything and go. I don't know if I would recommend people to do what I did but for me, I think I got very lucky. In the sense that I have people around me to support me and I don't think that I could have done it without them and their help. So if you are reading this...I want to say thank you for helping me get to where I am today. Sometimes I might be like "shit my rent is so high, my housemate is so untidy, I have no money to buy expensive makeup" but then I have to step back and think that actually my work is great, I have enough money to buy food and pay for rent, and my flat is actually pretty nice and cheap for London's standard. So I better stop complaining and realised that I've got it quite good. 

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  1. Congratulations on getting the job! I'm glad you're enjoying it x


    1. Thank you! I hope I get to keep it haha x

  2. Congratulations on the dream job! I was in a similar situation last year (& I wish I had known you were in London at the same time so we could've met up for a coffee, cake, or bubble tea!) but I basically just dropped everything up north and moved to the big city within 2 weeks. This blogpost you've written has brought back a lot of memories in the whirlwind that is London and the beauty industry. And flat hunting is just the most stressful, as you mentioned, all those rules!!!! Congrats, once again! xxxx

    1. Thank you! It's always hard at the start of a career. Yes! Please let me know we you are in London, I'd love to meet up with you for a bubble tea! xxxx

  3. Aww congrats hun on your job, sounds like you found your feet and really enjoying yourself. I like how you took a risk and put yourself out there, opportunities comes to those who grab it with both hands!

    Living in London is not easy and the renting game is crazy! Anyway wishing you the best of luck moving forward :)

    Hanh / hanhabelle

    1. Thanks babe! I agree, most people are too scared to take a step into getting something.

      Living in London is great even though most of the time, very expensive :)


  4. Oh wow, how exciting! A huge and stressful transition, for sure, but glad things are falling into place! Congrats on the job- I'm such a fan of feelunique :)



    1. Thank you! I am so happy that things are getting better now. I am so glad you are a fan of feelunique!


  5. How exciting! Congratulations on your new job!


  6. Congrats on your next step in life and the dream job! I've only heard about the crazy stories of finding a place in london and how tiny and deceiving some of the rooms and ads are. I'm lucky that in singapore it's normal for people to stay with their families until they're married or much older. Almost nobody moves out at 18 or even after 21, housing here isn't cheap and you usually rent if you are a foreigner. Best of luck with the awesome new job and living in London!