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Devoted to YSL Palette Parisienne is one of YSL duty free exclusives palettes, which I have been lusting after for a while. I think it ...

Devoted to YSL Palette Parisienne is one of YSL duty free exclusives palettes, which I have been lusting after for a while. I think it is just an amazing little travel palette that has everything you need to do your makeup with. Including the palette pouch and brushes, it comes with eyeshadow brush (not pictured), blush brush, lip brush and mini Volume Effet Faux-Cils Shocking mascara (not pictured).

The Devoted to YSL Palette Parisienne has five Ombres 5 Lumieres Eye Shadows, three Rouges aLevres Pur Couture Lip Colours, a Golden Gloss Lip Gloss and a blusher. 

Ombres 5 Lumiere Eye Shadows are all very wearable shades from day to night looks.

Persian Blue looks a lot deeper in the palette but once swatched, it turns out to be a deep green that looks almost black with green shimmer. I don't find this shade to be as pigmented as I would like but it's great for building up colour for a more wearable look.

Cashmere Brown shade is definitely one of my favourite from this palette because I think that it is perfect for using across the lids for an everyday look. It turns out slightly on the golden brown side in the picture but I think that it is very easy to to apply because it's quite soft and blendable.

Beige Rosé, lightest shade is also very lovely. It's nice to use as a base or as a subtle highlight whether on the brow bone or the eyes's corner.

Taupe Nacré, looks fairly rose gold once swatched. It reminds me of some of the shades that I use in the Naked 3 palette. Truthfully, I don't really use this shade very often because whenever I want rosy looking look, I would just reach for my Naked 3.

Violet Aubergine, this shade is so beautiful once swatched but I always feel like I look like I've been punched in the face when I use this colour. Maybe, I just haven't found a way to apply it yet. Although, I am really going to try to make this work for autumn. I think it will work great for people lighter skin tone as a wash over the lid.

The blusher in this palette is also gorgeous, I don't really have anything other baby pink blusher so whenever I feel like having a little innocent look, I'd reach for this blusher. I love how this blusher has matte finish as well as I feel like I'm so over the sparkly cheeks. It doesn't last very though, so you might need to carry this palette around to touch up during the day.

This palette also comes with 3 shades of lipsticks and 1 gloss. So far I have only been using the nude shade (second from the right). I find that it wears well, not drying, doesn't settle onto the dry cracks but it also doesn't lasts very long (possible 2-3 hours). 

Here's a look I've created with this palette. Starting with a wash of Beige Rosé over the entire lid. Add Cashmere Brown below the crease and then blend it upwards. Apply Persian Blue along the lashes. Add some eyeliner and mascara and then you are done! 

Here's a look I created with products from this palette. Overall, I love this little palette because it does have that luxury feel to it and it does make me feel special using it (that's the whole point of luxury brand, right?). Although, nothing in this palette really pops out and hit you in the face but I just adore how subtle everything looks. It has that demure classy thing going on that I have been enjoying on those that I want to make effort but don't want to look too done up at the same time. 
What do you guys think of this palette? Will you be checking it out?
What is your current favourite palette?

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  1. Oh, you're the only blog post with a review of this palette! I'm so happy I found it. I think the palette is gorgeous. I think getting this, I won't need to ever buy any eyeshadow or blush from YSL because these will last a long time. :D Thank you so much for this review!! ^_^