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I am definitely one of those people that get way too excited when they get to stay in a hotel. I don't know what it is but I just fin...

I am definitely one of those people that get way too excited when they get to stay in a hotel. I don't know what it is but I just find it quite fun. Recently, I have to travel back to Spain for a week to sit some exams. However, having to go to a city in the middle of nowhere (Vitoria in the Basque Country). It meant that it was a little bit hard to get to (queue a train journey to Manchester, plane to Bilbao and then an hour bus to Vitoria). Having left my house at about quarter to 10 in the morning and arriving in Bilbao at half past 8 in the evening on a Sunday (everything closes on Sunday). My friend and I knew that we couldn't make it to the last bus to Vitoria so we decided to book a hotel for the night. 

We decided on Hotel Indautxu because the price was fairly reasonable for a 4 stars hotel (£44 per night). Although, it wasn't the easiest hotel to find, especially at night when you are super tired from dragging suitcases around in the cold. In reality, I should have google map the hotel first but I left that for my friend to do and well, let's just say that if you want anything done right you just have to do it yourself. Thankfully, there was a man walking around on the street that noticed that we were looking lost and he pointed us to the right direction. 

Nonetheless, when we finally found the hotel. I wasn't disappointed with the hotel because the lobby looks fabulous. I didn't manage to take a picture because I was pretty tired and I just wanted to get to the bed. The room itself was pretty nice too. Everything seems to be clean and tidy. The bed was very soft and so were the pillows (you can tell the quality of a hotel by the pillows). One thing I wish the hotel has would be a kettle and maybe a tiny little tea and coffee set (I get really cranky without tea in the morning).

The bathroom itself is very nice. It comes equipped with bath gel, body milk, shampoo, dental kit and shaving kit all in green tea scent which were beautiful. Although, I think they only prepared for one guest because they only stocked up one of each products and they only left one chocolate and two pieces of sweets by my bed (I gave the chocolate to my friend).

The bath/shower is very nice, the power of the shower is very good and the water was very warm. Although, the bath has the dark marks that looks like it needs bleaching. By the way, is this a new thing with hotel that they have to put tape over toilet to show that it's clean? I have never seen this in a hotel before and thought it was a bit weird but the hotel I'm staying right now also does that.

Excuse the friend in the shot, I told her to move...but she didn't so...yeah. Anyway, the hotel also has a TV which was okay but some of the channels were a bit dodgy (I think my friend accidentally found some weird porn channel after I fell asleep). One bad thing about this hotel has to be the super slow wifi connection. It took nearly an hour to watch a 4 minutes YouTube video. Nonetheless, the bed and pillows were so comfy I slept like a baby. We checked out at 12 right on the dot. 

Overall, it was a good experience at Hotel Silken Indautxu and it is very likely that I would return there again this weekend. 

What do you look for in a hotel?

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