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Hello beautiful, I'm a massive fan of Soap & Glory products. I enjoyed most of their body and makeup range that I have tried be...

Hello beautiful,

I'm a massive fan of Soap & Glory products. I enjoyed most of their body and makeup range that I have tried before (body scrubs and Supercat Liner are my fave). I didn't think that I would ever hate any of their products. If anything, I was so excited to try Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser after all the glowing reviews online. However, I have to disappoint you, if you are looking to try this product because this is not going to be a positive review from me.  

Soap and Glory | Peaches and Clean
Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean | was £8, now £6.

Not going to lie, I had high hope for this product considering the rave reviews left and right from every bloggers. At first, I thought I was using it wrong, then I thought I wasn't using it for long enough but maybe it's just bad?! Don't get me wrong, I'm no noob when it comes to cleanser because I have tried my fair share of them.

Looking at the ingredients such as jojoba, peach and goji berry extracts. I thought, this cleanser is going to be amazing for my skin and I really wanted it to work for me but I can only describe it with one word which is mehhhh...

I have to mention a couple of things I do like about this cleanser though; firstly, I like how it doesn't dry out my skin and secondly, the scent. I love anything with peachy scent, I don't know why but it just reminds me of my holiday in Hong Kong (I was hunting a particular Tony Moly Peach lip balm, the one that can be mistaken for a nipple) and when I was eating a lot of peaches in Spain. Although, Peaches and Clean's scent seems more artificial.

Soap and Glory | Peaches and Clean Review

This Peaches and Clean Cleanser doesn't really do anything for me. It doesn't even clean. Soap & Glory claims that this cleanser will melt away makeup. Well, it doesn't, not even when you are double cleansing. I had to remove the rest of my makeup with a different cleanser. Forget about trying to use it to remove your eye makeup because if it gets in your eyes it burns (I'd know, trying to melt off my eye makeup). 

I have tried using this cleanser by massaging it onto my dry face which didn't work that great. I've tried massaging it onto  damp face, didn't work. I've tried using it with a cotton pad, didn't remove my makeup that well. I'm just not having any luck with this cleanser at all. When I use this, my face doesn't feel clean, not even when I double cleanse it, heck, even when I triple cleanse it, it still feels dirty. Unless, I follow it up with a different cleanser or a toner, which is just not ideal and not what I constitute as a good cleanser. After reading everyone's else reviews, I feel like I'm the only one with this opinion though but I have been trying out this cleanser for months and I still don't like it. You can't say I didn't try and test it properly because right now it's half way down the bottle.

Who would recommend this to? - erm, just people that I don't really like and wanting them to waste £8. If you like cream cleanser, I would suggest trying The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser instead.

Would I repurchase this? - Nope, I have had this for over a year and I'm struggling to use it up. 
Have you tried Peaches and Clean before? What has been your experience?
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