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Hello beautiful, The great thing about being a beauty addict is that you get to buy all these beautiful makeup products. I came across M...

Hello beautiful,

The great thing about being a beauty addict is that you get to buy all these beautiful makeup products. I came across MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Perfectly Poised from MAC Divine Night's collection, when I was in Bilbao (you can watch my day in a vlog).

I have never tried MAC Mineralize Skinfinish before Perfectly Poised, even though, I have heard a lot about it. Nonetheless, here it is my first Mineralize Skinfish in my makeup bag. I've decided to pick this up when there was very little of it online because the weather is so cold and my skin is dull from the lack of sunlight. I felt like I need some highlighter to add a pop of something to my face.

Perfectly Poised is without a doubt, the prettiest and most wearable shade out of the 3 shades from MAC Divine Night's collection. However, I decided to go for this Limited Edition choice for the Mineralize Skinfinish because I think that it is more versatile as it comes in 2 different shades but you can mix them together to make the third shade. The packaging of MAC Divine Night's collection is very similar to the main collection with one difference which is the gold lettering details. So, nothing to really coos over.

For some reason, I feel like the swatch looked a lot prettier in store, I'm not sure if it was because I was caught on the shopping hype or the lighting was just better there. Anyway, I still find the inner highlight shade to be extremely beautiful, it is a pale cool-toned beige with pink pearlescent shimmer. Whilst the outer layer is warm toned amber with metallic sheen which looks slightly brassy. Personally, I wouldn't really use the outer layer by itself. I prefer to use it when it's mixed with the inner shade. I fell in love with Perfectly Poised MSF because of the mixed shade as together it becomes a lovely rose gold blusher shade. 

Here is what Perfectly Poised looks like on my face, all three of the shades on my face. Even though, I feel like Perfectly Poised MSF is gorgeous but for some reason I'm not in love with it. I feel like the texture could be a bit softer and less powdery as I feel like the MSF just sits on top of my face looking powdery. Therefore, I don't think that it would be great for people that have large pores because the MSF would just settles into the pores which wouldn't be the most attractive look. I don't think that people with shiny skin would like this either. I can sort of get away with it because I have really dry skin and don't have large pores but even then I'm not in love with it. Although, I love using it as a highlighter and blusher. 

Perfectly Poised MSF is a limited edition and it is currently sold out but I wouldn't be too worried getting my hand on it.
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