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Hello beautiful! Now that I'm back on the English soil, after so many months away in the strange land of Northern Spain. I couldn&#...

Hello beautiful!

Now that I'm back on the English soil, after so many months away in the strange land of Northern Spain. I couldn't be more glad to be back and enjoy this terrible weather. The first place I hit when I got back was Lush as I couldn't get them in Spain or have a bath for that matter (sharing a bathroom with 4 strangers is not fun!). Anyway, I only managed to pick up one bath bomb then because my mum was pestering me to leave (oh, Louise, why are you the other side of the country? we could have spent hours in there and neither of us would want to leave, unless it's for food).

Lush Bath Bomb | Cinders
Lush Cinders Bath Bomb | LINK | £2.45

The one Lush Bath Bomb that I picked up was Cinders because I've heard good things about it and the scent was just so Christmasy, I couldn't resist. Cinders is one of the Lush's smaller bath bomb at only £2.45 each. 

Lush Bath Bomb | Cinders

This is how Lush describes Cinders "Almond oil, sweet orange and cinnamon leaf essential oils give a festive, fruity scent with a touch of spice to lift the spirits and linger on the skin. We’ve also put popping candy into the mix, which will gently crackle like the sound of a warming fireside". However, personally I find that I could smell the cinnamon more than anything else, I felt like I was stewing in cinnamon water. To be honest, I don't mind as I love the smell of cinnamon but it might not be to everyone's taste. Furthermore, I couldn't detect any citrusy scent that supposed to reminds me of fruit punch. The popping candy didn't make that much sound, but I do get what they were trying to get at with the whole fire crackling. I guess, you might be able to enjoy this bath bomb more if you were already in the water when you add the bath bomb. 

Lush Bath Bomb | Cinders

This is the lovely yellow bath water which was the result of Cinders... I don't know how I feel about this because it looks like something else. On the plus side, the bath water didn't stain my bath so that's good. I felt like this bath bomb did help me relax and it made my skin felt lovely, I didn't need to moisturise afterwards (almond oil). On the scale of 1 to 10, I think this bath bomb gets a solid 5 from because it's neither terrible nor amazing in my opinion. However, I think I really should stop buying bath bomb considering I'm a bubble bath girl at heart.

Have you tried Cinders before?
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