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Hello beautiful, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this lovely holiday season! Boxing Day is definitely my favourite shopping d...

Hello beautiful,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this lovely holiday season! Boxing Day is definitely my favourite shopping day by far (minus the people). This year I have been picking up a lot of things in the sales because ya know, you can't say no to a good sale. On another note, I have recently just made a Facebook page for myself, it would be lovely you could like me on there and get updated with my blog - LIKE ME on Facebook.

House of Fraser Michael Kors Watch - LINK - £229 | Lush Sales - LINK | Lancome Gift Sets - LINK | Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara - LINK - £22 | Amazon RT Starter Kit - LINK - currently £15.74

Here are the beautiful things I've picked up from House of Fraser, Lush, Debenhams and Amazon. From Lush, I went a little bit crazy with the 50% off thing and picked up 5 Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic because it is my favourite bath bomb. So, if you haven't tried that before and if you can still find it in store near you, I suggest you pick up at least 4! The rest of the Lush Christmas products I picked up are the Secret Santa, Christmas Pud, Snowman, Shooting Star, So White bath bombs, but the Santa's Lip Scrub  and Mr. Frosty are still being sold online now. After my purse took a hit by the Lush sales, I went wandering off to Debenhams and stubbled upon these lovely gift sets - the Visionnaire and the Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara. I have given the Visionnaire gift set to my mum because I take the responsibility of buying her all kind of beauty products and she loves it. On Christmas Day, Amazon was selling the RT brushes for £13.99, so I ordered that as well. The trick to buying with Amazon is that you have to monitor the prices with Amazon Price Tracker by simply copy & paste the link of the product you want to buy.

House of Fraser Michael Kors MK5491 Watch - LINK - £229
Me lusting over Michael Kors watch has finally been to put to rest (kinda, I still have the urge to post a minute update of how my watch is ticking over on my twitter and Instagram). Anyway, thanks to my lovely mummy who offered to pay for the watch for me (I countered offer by offering to pay for half because I felt bad, it's an expensive watch).

Miss Selfridge Sale - LINK | Next Sale - LINK | Topshop Sale - LINK

The rest are just a few bits of bobs of clothes that amazingly fits me well. Including a curtain dress,  black playsuit and grey midi dress from Miss Selfridge. Jumper is from Next and the heart printed top is from M&S. I have actually forgotten to photograph the dress that I was wearing which is from Topshop and a fluffy Panda Onesie from Next.

Midi Rings Set - LINK - £3.50

As I hardly ever wear jewellery, I thought maybe it's time to start so I bought a set of midi rings and a pinky ring from Topshop. So far, I'm loving the rings! I know I got onto the midi trend very very late, but what can I say, I'm no trend starter.

That's all the shopping that I will be doing for 2013. I don't think my purse will allow me anymore expenditure. I hope you have found everything you wanted to get in the sale and hopefully I have showed you some of the good bits that you would like to pick up! 
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