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Hello! After I was left all alone in Spain when my mum returned home to England. I was left feeling quite deprived of the British&#...


After I was left all alone in Spain when my mum returned home to England. I was left feeling quite deprived of the British's company. Mainly because I am staying in the part of Spain that not everyone understands or willing to speak in English, which I guess is supposed to be amazing for my Spanish speaking skill, right?. However, when I first got to Vitoria I contacted a girl from England on an Erasmus Facebook group. Anyway, the girl messaged me back and we went for a coffee the next day. I guess, we both must have been that deprived of speaking English that we ended up talking for about 6 hours. I'm not sure how many people could understand this sentiment but when you are dropped off in a strange country. You don't know how nice it is to find people who are in the same situation as you and understand the confusion that you are going through. 

Outside the Faculty of Arts

That week I started my first day of uni. All I can say was that it was worst than my first day of uni.  They don't even have a Freshers Week here, which is a shame because I love freebies. The uni that I am currently in is also very strangely tiny...I'm so used to my own uni that it usually takes a minimum of half an hour to walk across campus (and that's if you  are walking really fast). Here, it takes me about 10 minutes maximum. Strangely, people around here seems to be quite fond of graffiti (not the nice artistic kind) too as they have a lot of those around and most of them seem to be in Basque. 

That's another thing, people here seems to be very nationalistic. There is a lot of banners and things that say something along the line of "keep Basque Country, Basque". Most people here tends to speak a bit of Basque mixed with Spanish which I didn't find out until I decided to take a class in Basque where I picked up a few words. At first I just thought I was being stupid that I couldn't understand Spanish. 

The road just outside the Faculty of Arts
Another thing that I find strange here is that the pavement (sidewalk if you are American) are a lot bigger than the road (that tiny dark grey bit on the left hand side). Vitoria is a great place for walking and biking. Although, I am not a massive fan of bikes here as people can ride it anywhere. So you can be walking casually down the street and nearly getting hit by a bike. 

When I started the uni here, I had a shock of my life where the lectures are concern. ALL of the lectures here are 2 hours long and many lecturers here do not believe in break between the 2 hours. I'm having so much problem with this whole timetable thing because I was sitting in the lecture for the 4th hour and I was just shaking so terribly from hunger. Back in England, I'm used to having 50 minutes lectures. When we do get 2 hours lectures, we normally get a 10 minutes break in between which is understandable because no one can concentrate for 2 hours straight. Okay, make that worst by the fact that I have over 20 hours a week and most of my lectures are clump together so it meant that some day I have to sit there for 6 hours straight. Right, I can see that some of you might be like "20 hours? that's nothing, try doing a real job". I would like to see you try sitting in a class where the lecturer speaks in different language. The translation thing is really tiring and after a while, your brain shuts down and your language skill is just terrible. I ended up taking like an idiot since I got here because my brain is so confused. 

Having said that, my friend and I managed to find ourselves a little job during our trip to a café. The café owner hired us to teach his 3 year old some English. It is always nice to be able to use your language skill for something! Although, this three year old is a bit of a hand full, he throws tantrums every times we turns up, you'd think we torture him. He still refuses to speak to us in English but we have figured out that he understands most of the stuff we say to him. I have also found a way to calm a child using Winnie the Pooh and Peppa Pig. His father also told us that the boy learnt the word "ostrich" which I find quite hilarious because I have been shoving the words like "honey", "bear", "cat" down his throat and he learns the word "ostrich". It is just too funny. 

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  1. I know exactly how you feel! I was really homesick on my first night here but it got better with time. Now I'm really enjoying myself and so glad that I took this giant leap to study abroad, even though at times I still can't wait to get back home and give my cat a huge hug :P

    1. I hope you are having a lovely time in England. I can't wait to go back.