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Hello! It has been a while since my last update, I know I have been a terrible blogger. I have just been having a few terribly bu...


It has been a while since my last update, I know I have been a terrible blogger. I have just been having a few terribly busy/crazy weeks. I'm not sure how many of you follow me on Instagram but if you do follow me on there, you probably have seen some of the pictures before.

Vitoria-Gasteiz Train Station

Anyway, I arrived at Vitoria-Gasteiz on the 1st of September which is a Sunday. If you have ever been in Spain on Sundays, you will understand the predicament this put my mother and I in. As almost everything is closed on Sunday here. Having had 5 hours train journey from Barcelona. My mum and I were so tired that we didn't really want to drag my suitcases (2 massive ones and 2 small ones) to the hotel, which at that time, we had no idea where it was. Being Sunday, there was no taxi waiting outside of the train station which meant that I had to call up a taxi company. When the taxi arrived, the taxi driver was really nice and helpful unlike people in Barcelona. Although, he was quite puzzled by the fact that I called for a taxi for such a short distance ride as it turned out that the hotel was literally 2 blocks down the same road as the train station. Nonetheless, that short journey costs me €8 because taxi here charge the amount of suitcases you have with you as well...
After we had settled into the hotel, we decided to go for a walk and find something to eat. Finding something to eat in a restaurant on a normal day in Vitoria is a mission in itself but try looking for one on a Sunday is a complete mission. In the end we found an Italian restaurant (seems to be the only restaurant open that day), which served okay food but it was fairly expensive for the quality (€12 for a pasta bake). 

The next day, I planned to meet up with my buddy (university's assigned helper for Erasmus students), so she can help me look for some place to live. Mainly because I don't feel confident enough in my Spanish language skill to call up people. One thing I can say is that don't ever trust people that say it will be easy finding somewhere to live in Spain, don't worry about it because it's a lie! All but one that we called up that day has no interest in renting to Erasmus students, especially the ones that are only staying for one semester. Although, I think that it will be much easier if I were to stay there for a whole year because there are a lot more choices of where I could stay, if that were the case. 

However, that day we went to see a flat that has no issue with the length of time. Turns out I have talked to the people renting the room before on and they all seems really lovely. It's a flat with 4 girls and one of them is going abroad to study in America. Everything seems fine, although, one of the problem was that they couldn't pin point a date that I could move in/if I could move in because they have to discuss with each other first. 

Seeing as I was there with my mum, we were a little bit pressed on time because I only booked for my mum to be with me for 4 days, thinking it will be easy to find a room in that space of time (because people kept telling me that it will be easy) and my mum wanted me to move in somewhere permanent before she leaves. Which is understandable, seeing as I was having a bit of a panic attack by the third day because I was convinced that I won't be able to find somewhere to live before my mum leaves.
At first I was going to wait for that 4 girls to contact me to see if I could move in but I really want to find somewhere to live so I had to send them a message the next day asking if they think I could move in (because there were other people viewing the room and they had to pick between us) and I didn't want to waste anymore time waiting for them. Later that day they came back to me and told me that I didn't get the room. So, my mum pushed me to go to the Help Centre and a good thing that she did too! As there, the staff was really helpful with everything. He also has a list of flats that has no problem renting to Erasmus student that will only be staying for 5 months. 

From there, I got a list of 3 places to visit that day. The first one I looked at, the room and the landlady was lovely and the flat is on the same road as the uni which was great. The only down side was that there was no wifi. I was so desperate by that point that I actually considered moving in to a flat without wifi but seeing as the second place I was supposed to look at was also very closed to uni. I waited and went to look at the second flat. 

This second flat, the landlord has two different flats to rent, the first one only has one double room left (to share with another person) and on the second flat has 2 individual rooms and one double room. Although, the landlord and his girlfriend also live there. Something which would bother me if I weren't so desperate to have somewhere to live. Nonetheless, I took one of the individual room because it looks fairly spacious, with a sofa, wardrobes, TV and my own balcony space to hang my clothes. I share the kitchen with other people and I can use all of the plates and cutlery which is good because it meant and I don't have to buy anything. Overall, it has all the basic stuff. Although, it took me ages to realised that I am now sharing a tiny flat with 7 people (3 of whom moved in after I did).  I don't know what the hell is with me and living with 6 other people but anyway...I was just happy that I have somewhere to live. 

My room

However, if I were to do this whole thing again, I would probably make sure that my mum stay with me for at least one week whilst I look for a place, I would make sure to go to the Help Centre sooner and skipped the whole looking for a place myself and ultimately I would make sure that I didn't rush into making a decision so soon about renting a place because I am no stuck here for 5 months. 

More updates about my life as an Erasmus Student soon!

Hope you like this!

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  1. It's a shame it's not the best set up, I'm sure it will be fine though! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

    1. After all the stressing over is done. It's not too bad :)

  2. Ahhh what a stress to find a room! Its
    good that you have found one at the
    end so your mum can go home with
    relieve c: I hope you are doing okay
    in Spain!! Xx

    1. Thank you so much, I'm doing okay so far :)