L'Oréal Paris Glam Shine Stain Splash - Romy

Hey lovelies! Is it a gloss or is it a stain?! It's both! I'm so into the whole hybrid products thing right now. I ...

Hey lovelies!

Is it a gloss or is it a stain?! It's both! I'm so into the whole hybrid products thing right now. I have been very excited for the release of this product for a while. Did you ask why? Well, let me tell you about how I've been lusting after YSL glossy stains for ages but I really can't justify the price tag. So when I heard about this being the YSL dupe, I obviously tried very hard to get my hand on it. Finally found it in Superdrug in Beeston and luckily L'Oréal is currently having a 3 for 2 offer (which I nearly didn't get because the staff didn't charge the amount correctly as they were too busy chatting and then when I told them, they didn't even bother apologising, just gave me the dirtiest looks as they refund me. I really hate Superdrug's customer service. Anyone else think the same?).

I have to say that I am a massive fan of L'Oréal's packaging. The gold finish with clear plastic window to show different shades looks absolutely beautiful, it seems like a very luxurious product for a £7.99 product. It will look gorgeous being carried in any handbag for a touch up. The gold packaging does attracts a lot of finger prints though. This Glam Shine Stain Splash comes in 8 shades but so far I have only found 6 of them. I picked up 2 of these. One of the shade I picked up is Romy which I would described as pinky coral with a little bit of shimmer in the tube. Initially, I expected it to be a bit like Rimmel Apocalips which are completely opaque. However, I find this to be very sheer but at the same time it has amazing glossy and staining power. Although, I really like the stained look. It's just not what I expected. With the formulation being 30% water based, it's very hydrating which is great for a dry lips girl like me. After application it stays looking shiny like I have just applied it for ages, so I guess that stays true to its claim of 6 hours non-drying stain power. I do find that the consistency feels quite strange at first. It's also quite hard to get even stain on the lips with darker shades.

The wand is very soft and there is a well in the middle to collect the product which is amazing. You only need about a couple of dips to cover the whole lips. Overall, I love everything about this product, abate the fact that it was super hard to find and the name is very long (what is with the sibilance, guys?). I would recommend this for people that want to achieve the stained look but doesn't like the dryness that some stain lip products often have. However, if you are after something that stains and moisturising at the same time but a bit more opaque, I'd suggest getting the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. 

After a couple of hours of wear

 What do you think about this lip product? Will you be getting one?

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  1. this looks so pretty on you! I'm surprised I haven't heard more about them. Will definitely be looking out for these! worth a swatch :) x

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