Korean Cosmetics Haul from Cosmetic Love

Hello there lovelies! I know I don't post about haul that often (mainly because I always buy a little bit at a time and then forget...

Hello there lovelies!

I know I don't post about haul that often (mainly because I always buy a little bit at a time and then forget that they are new). Nonetheless, here is one! A while ago I wrote about my skincare routine which was inspired by Korean 5-step skincare routine. Furthermore, I started to get a little bit addicted to sheet mask after I received it as part of my giveaway prize but I look at the other sites and they turned out to be fairly expensive. I decided to go with Cosmetic Love because their stuff are fairly cheap, they offer free delivery and free gifts with purchase. So, obviously I was sold! The package arrived about a couple of weeks later and undamaged. I'm very impressed!

Here are all the products I've purchased which comes to $98.58 or about £65. I wouldn't say that it's too bad for this many products. I have no justification for spending so much money on skincare but just look at them! They are so beautiful and I can't wait to use them. I'm such a sucker for good packaging.

Missha Near Skin Radiance Capsule Essence

Missha Near Skin Radiance Capsule Essence - The first product is the one that I'm most excited about trying because I haven't seen anything quite like this before and I'm in need of a good serum in my skincare routine (seeing as I can't afford Lancome Vissionaire). So I'm thinking that this essence will work in a similar manner as the serum. I tried a little bit of this on my hand and OMG, it was freaking incredible. I love the packing of this because it has a little syringe at the top so it's very hygienic and easy to use. It's $31.48 (£20.76) from here.

Etude House Skin Essence Daily Mask - Ginseng and Collagen

Etude House Daily Mask Skin Essence (Red Ginseng and Collagen) - Okay, initially, this was supposed to be my only purchase but I got carried away... I'm looking forward to using this. I probably won't use it everyday but not bad for a $14.99 (£9.89)  for 20 sheet masks because normal sheet masks cost about £14 for 5. There are 3 different types: Red Ginseng + Collagen (for giving vitality to skin, Keep balanced Oil & Moist on skin)Aloe + Hyaluronic Acid (Emphasizes Moisture Retention, Skin Repair, and Anti-Aging)Yeast + Vitamin C (Emphasizes Acne Control, Skin Tone Correction and Anti-Wrinkle). You can get it from here.

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask - Oh, let me tell you how incredible this smells. Just like Soap and Glory Sugar Crush. Ah, I love the smell of sugar. Hopefully this will work well with my skin. You can get this from here for $10.99 (£7.25).

Skin Food Gold Caviar Toner

Skin Food Gold Caviar Toner - This product feels very luxurious and the bottle is actual heavy glass with gold effect lid. The gold flecks just look very stunning in the bottle. I don't know about you but I think this product is way too beautiful to use. You can get it from here for $23.79 (£15.69).

Missha The Style Goodbye Crease Eye Makeup Primer

Missha The Style Goodbye Crease Eye Makeup Primer No.1 Clear - I normally use MUA Eye Primer but I thought what the hell, I want to try a different one. I order Urban Decay Eye Primer but it never came so...I decided to try this instead. Again, love the packaging for this! Such a beautiful rose gold tube! You can get it from here for $12.33 (£8.13).

Now come the freebies! I have 4 different sample sachets, one nose strip, one Tony Moly powder puff and one Fresh Royal Jelly sheet mask. It's a fairly decent deal here. I would recommend purchasing from Cosmetic Lover highly if you fancy getting some Korean beauty products. I will be doing full reviews of the products featured here once I have been using them for a while. 

Hope you like these new pictures editing thing (curved edges) I have going on! Let me know what you think about the new layout too! Thanks for reading.

Don't you just love products with beautiful packaging?!

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  1. Holy haul!!!! Looks like you have a ton of fun goodies!!! I've only tried one sheet mask & really like the idea...need to keep an eye out for some :-) thanks for sharing your haul!!

    1. They are pretty good. I love using masks :)

  2. Amazing haul! I really love Korean cosmetics. Such unique formulations! The Missha Radiance Essence and Skin Food Black Sugar Mask look especially great. And nice that they included samples! :)



    1. Most sites charged atrocious amount of money for delivery but this one is really nice :)

  3. Nice haul! Had so much fun looking at what you bought. Etude House's Skin Essence and Skin Food's Caviar Toner looks cool! =D


    1. They look so awesome, I couldn't resist them.