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Hello beauty lovers! This is my first ever beauty box subscription (I know I'm late to the party!). I always preferred the contents...

Hello beauty lovers!

This is my first ever beauty box subscription (I know I'm late to the party!). I always preferred the contents of Joliebox over Glossybox, She Said Beauty and the other ones. Therefore, when I heard that Joliebox was becoming Birchbox, I was quite excited because I was hoping that they would bring it out of the bag being the first box and all. So, I signed up straight away. 

The Birchbox came in a fuchsia box which I thought was a nice touch. One opened up, the actual Birchbox is brown (possibly recyclable paper) with metallic pink detailing.

All of the items came in fuchsia drawstrings bag with a Birchbox magazine. All very nicely presented. I'm definitely keeping both the box and the bag because they are so pretty.

So, here is what I got in my Birchbox, 4 samples with one lifestyle extra. I have noticed that other bloggers received a slight different variation but to be honest I much prefer my box.

Fresh Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment (2.2g sample sized) - Full-sized 4.3g (£15.50)
This has to be the product that I most looked forward to receiving. What can I say? I'm definitely a lip balm fanatic and I have been suffering from very dry lips recently. This lip treatment just smells absolutely gorgeous (reminds me a little bit of Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body scrub). I find this to be very moisturising, smells and taste amazing! It also gives a pretty pink tint too. I would buy this as a full sized item.

WEI Royal Ming Firming and Hydrating Cream (4ml sample sized) - Full-sized 50ml (£74)
I kind of wished that this sample size was a tiny bit bigger but never mind. The cream is very thick and smells like tea leaves. For the price of £74, I'd have thought that it would be moisturising but I noticed I had dry patches after using this so I probably wouldn't repurchase this even if I had the money.

KMS California FREE SHAPE quick blow dry (30ml sample sized) - Full-sized 200ml (£13.50)
Again, I have never heard of this brand before but I tried it last night. I find that the liquid was quite thick, so it was rather hard to get the product out of the spray at first. Although, to be honest I didn't really notice whether or not it took me less time to dry my hair because I was in quite a hurry to go and eat some brownies. I look forward to giving this a go again though.

Révérence De Bastien Unguent for nail and cuticles - Full-sized 15ml (£15.50)
At first I wasn't all that interested in this product but after I opened it. I have fallen in love with the sweet girly berry scent. I have never been that into nail care before but I will definitely be using this up, especially during this time of year because my nails currently need a bit of TLC. 

Teapigs Chamomile (1 sachet) - Pack of 15 tea bags (£3.49)
I never heard of this brand before, I'm more of a Twinings tea drinker but I'm so looking forward to trying this out because the tea bag just looks super fancy with whole flowers in it. A nice little added extra.

The total value of this box is £31.60!

Overall, I'm very happy with my first Birchbox and I'm considering subscribing for longer but I will wait and see if the standard drops before re-subscribing. Have you subscribed to Birchbox? What did you think of the contents this month?

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  1. Nice concept with the
    drawstring bag c:
    Can I ask you why you
    prefer the Birchbox
    over the Glossybox?

    And Teapig is a great
    tea brand, one of my
    favorite really c:


    1. I always read about what people get in their monthly beauty box subscription but I just felt that I'd be happier about receiving the things in Joliebox/Birchbox.


  2. Very nice! :D I love the lip tint they included in there... very nice addition. The tea bag is great!

    1. The lip tint is amazing! Smells so good!

  3. I'd not seen this variation but it looks amazing, definitely better than the other one!


    1. At first I was a bit worried that I only get 4 things but I'm much happier with the nail and cuticle thing than 2 other samples put together.