LUSH Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

Hi guys! Yes, this is another Lush's post. I have been shopping at Lush a little bit too much recently (really the up and down side...

Hi guys!

Yes, this is another Lush's post. I have been shopping at Lush a little bit too much recently (really the up and down sides of living in Nottingham). Honestly, there is no denying that I love a bit of Lush and generally just buying things I don't need. Anyway, I have been using this shower jelly for a while so I thought I would make a review about it.

As you can see this shower jelly comes in a plastic pot and you can freeze/chill the jelly in the fridge or just leave it in the bathroom. At the start I left mine in the fridge but after a while it became really annoying because my kitchen is really far away from the shower so I just leave it in the shower now. I tried freezing it once too, the dark purple of the jelly changes colour to lilac or pastel-purple once frozen but considering I live in a student house and it's fairly cold, I don't really want to wash myself with frozen jelly. I froze it purely for experimental purpose and it was quite fun to poke and play with. Also, I don't feel right about putting something I shower with in the fridge with my food, considering I only have one shelf.

The jelly itself looks fairly sparkly in the pot but I didn't notice any glitter on me after I use it so even if you don't like glitter, don't be scared by this. It leaves my skin very nice and soft too. This shower jelly smells absolutely fabulous (note: I don't say fabulous that often but oh my god, isn't just freaking fabulous?), it smells very fruity and berry-esque. It smells exactly the same as the Comforter bubble bar, which is just my favourite. I'm just in love with the smell. However, one problem I have with this shower jelly is that after a few uses, the jelly starts to disintegrate so it's not that nice to use after a while. It lathers up nicely and I have been using it as shampoo as well. I just wish that the smell lingers a little bit more because I'd love to smell like this shower jelly all day long.

Overall, I don't think that this is a bad buy at all, I've enjoyed using it quite a lot. Although, I probably wouldn't repurchase it any time soon as nothing can beat your standard shower gel.

You can get it from here. £3.10 for 100g.

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  1. This sounds swell! I'm a huge fan of berry scents so I may have to pick this up next time I'm near a Lush store! xoxoxo

    1. I wish they have shower gel in this scent. Would be so much easier to use. xxx