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I thought that rather than making my blog completely about beauty, I'd add a little bit about my life too. After being delayed universi...

I thought that rather than making my blog completely about beauty, I'd add a little bit about my life too. After being delayed university for a year (I missed out by one grade), I finally got to be a fresher last year (I refused to go to any other uni and reapply to the same uni and course). I worked really hard to get there and somehow I was glad that I was delayed (like something happened for a reason, you know?) because it meant that I got to meet and live with my very awesome flatmates. 

During Freshers' week - Traffic Light Party

As soon as I found out where I was living, I hit up Facebook (check if your university have a Facebook page for your hall) looking for my flatmates. In the end I found 4 out of 5. It was nice to be able to check out their page and have a chat before meeting them (because freshers' week doesn't need to be that nerve wrecking). I was talking one of the girl on Facebook so much that in the end we exchanged over 450 comments! However, that conversation kinda led us to making these skittles vodka for the first several weeks of uni...they were not nice...(I also discovered that vodka doesn't agree with me).

The process of making Skittle vodka - kids don't try this at home!

This is what happened to me after I told my flatmates that I have never drink Scrampy Jack and Lambrini (or any alcoholic beverage) in the park when I was younger. To this day, the smell and sight of Lambrini still make me want to vom. We might have took some traffic cones and traffic sign (his name is Tim) on our way home. We managed to kept Tim for ages even though it was taken away and left near the bin but we found him and took him back (he is like a family member). Only for him to be taken away again (boo!). Also be fast in buying event tickets during freshers' week (forbid your university being as cruel as our by having tickets being sold very in the morning around 8 or 9), we missed so many events because of this (I mean, students + nights out doesn't equal early morning).

Be prepare for costumes, especially during freshers' week (obviously), I mean they always have toga party but be sure to check out your university's website for week one events so you know what fancy dress you need to be bringing. This toga fancy dress was during my freshers' week and also my 20th birthday, we all have FFT (flat fifteen) written on our arm because we are THAT cool. For drinking games, I recommend Ring Of Fire, How I Met Your Mother drinking game (you need to make everyone in your flat love this show, seriously) and my very favourite F*ck the Dealer only because I'm awesome at this game and I never have to drink too much. 

For Halloween, if you really want to freak drunk people out dress up as a girl from the Ring/the boy from the Grudge.

Imagine if you see me like that in a darken room, I was pretty scary. This reminds me a bit of Mean Girls when all the cool kids dress sexily and then Cady just turned up as "an ex-wife". I'm totally uncool and I accept that.

Sometimes, at Social they will have photo booth, make use of them, they are awesome because you get to keep pictures like this.

Just giving you new freshers some ideas about how to decorate your kitchen/living room board! Basically just take embarrassing pictures of all your flatmates during night outs or whenever, then print them out and stick it on the wall for everyone to see. Chunder Chart is also good to do (just to let you know, I only have one tick because I rarely drink or drink very little). Write down stupid things people say (the yellow, pink and green post-it notes). Make a list of things you have never done before (like I have never drink in the park before)

To be fair, we are not your typical university students that only eat the like of pot of noodles. Most of us know how to cook and sometimes it's nice to have flat meal (mostly home-made roast vegetables and chicken), just have to make sure that you get everything that everyone like. Also put honey on everything (try this and you will thank me). We always eat together on Monday evening (meal out or takeaway). It's nice to actually get on with your flatmates, you know.

I think this was at the Christmas Formal 3 course meal for £10! The pro of being in a massive hall!

Finally at the Spring Formal with all of the girls.

And now with the girls and guys
There are probably a lot of posts about tips of university which by this time, you have probably read all about it. I know I did. They might tell you to be friendly and make friends with everyone but my advice is mainly to just do what you feel comfortable with, there are no rules that you have to follow by in order to enjoy university. Just make sure that you actually study (although you can probably get away with minimal studying for the first year).

I'm now looking forward to second year living with the same people (plus one more) in our own house. Not so much for the amount of work I actually have to do though (it will actually counts now). Though, I am really missing people waking me up during my nap (yes, I take nap, it's tiring being a student) and making me tea. Overall, I very glad that I get on my my flatmates because I have heard some horrible stories from people that hate their flatmates. I can't imagine coming home everyday to people I hate, that would just be horrendous.

Hope you enjoy that little slice of my life.

Do you want me to make more post about university?

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