Losing the Lush-ginity

I'm very sorry about no natural light in the pictures because I got home very late and I was so excited to use the bubble bar, I coul...

I'm very sorry about no natural light in the pictures because I got home very late and I was so excited to use the bubble bar, I couldn't wait until tomorrow. Anyway, I had a little trip to Lush in Nottingham recently. I went there planning on buying so many things but I'm very fussy with the smell (some of the stuff that other people love just doesn't do it for me).

Anyway, I brought a bubble bar called The Comforter (the pink and white swirly one). It's fairly pricey at £4.25 but it smells so good. It's berry scented but to me it smells like sweet and I really had to stop myself from taking bite (it couldn't hurt me, right?) and because I don't have a bath in my house at uni, I'm planning on just putting this in my room as a room freshener (I love it that much). The amazing thing about this bubble bar is that you can break it into about an inch piece to use per bath (I did that and it's more than enough). It crumbles under hot water to create all these delicious bubbles...(no I didn't actually eat it...)

It turns the water bright pink as well, absolutely beautiful.

I also got myself a Sex Bomb at £3.20. It amazes me how massive this bath bomb is and how quickly it fizzle out leaving you with bright pink bath. Again, another beautiful product but I prefer The Comforter because I like having bubble in my bath and the smell of The Comforter just eclipses the smell of Sex Bomb completely.

Now, this is pricey face mask at £5.95 for a little tub (75g) considering it doesn't last very long. Oatifix is made from oatmeal, bananas, almonds and other things. It's perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

It has to be kept in the fridge to preserve the freshness and also it's nice and cool when you apply it onto your skin.

It doesn't look like the most attractive thing on the face but I think that this face mask would be perfect for a little girly night-in (guys can join in too, I guess). I wouldn't leave it on for more than 10 minutes though because the oatmeal just dried onto my skin and that took forever to scrub off and it stuck to my hair and everything. However, I'm very happy with the end result because it left my skin feeling so soft and smooth. 

I'd love to try more of Lush face masks. Have your tried any Lush face masks, if so, which one do you recommend?


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  1. Ohh, these all look incredible! I absolutely adore Lush - everything smells so good! <3

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    1. I can't believe it took me so long to try Lush. Now I can't wait to try out their other products.