Benefit They're Real! Mascara

This is my first time buying a Benefit product. I've never wanted to try Benefit since a bad experience at a Benefit counter a few year...

This is my first time buying a Benefit product. I've never wanted to try Benefit since a bad experience at a Benefit counter a few years back. I'm a type of person that get put off by brands that have rude sale assistants. I was looking for some powder but the powder that the sale assistant tried on me was too powdery and I asked if they have anything a little bit less powdery and she just rolled her eyes and told me "No! it looks powdery because it's a powder" and then proceeded on to try and sell me the powder anyway. So, I have never been back since and missed out on quite a lot of the Benefit hypes, until recently...

I have seen this in so many blog posts, I've resisted, added it to my ASOS and Feelunique baskets and then taking them off. However, when I saw this at Boots, I grabbed it because it comes with a free travel size one and both for the same price of the full size one. I thought if I really hate it, I could sell the full size one to people who really like it.

The packaging looks sleek and expensive. The real size one has metallic finish container and the travel size one has plastic container.

The wand has the little spikes to bring out "the lashes you never know you had". These spikes can be very painful if you accidentally poke yourself in the eye...I'd know.

My lashes once they have been curled. I have very short lashes so I don't usually get the best result with mascara.

After the first coat of mascara, I find that the mascara gives that very jet black look which I really like. However, I lost all of the curls.

 After the second coat of mascara, I wouldn't add more than two coats unless you are a big fan of the spidery lashes and it clumps after two coats.

Overall, I like this mascara, they are long wearing and doesn't smudge. It's unfortunate that I have very short lashes but I'm sure that this mascara would be amazing for people who naturally have long lashes. Normally, I only use waterproof mascara because I always have problem of mascara running. Some people have problem removing this mascara but as I always use waterproof mascara, I found it fairly easy to remove and it doesn't smudge. The only problem I have with this mascara is the price. It's a decent mascara but I'm sure that I can find a mascara that is just as good for half of the price. Therefore, I'm happy to keep using this but I doubt I will be repurchasing it in the future.

Have you tried They're Real! mascara? What do you think?

You can get this from ASOS and


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