MUA Immaculate Collection Palette

I had high expectation for this palette because I really like the Heaven and Earth palette (you can read my review and swatch  here )....

I had high expectation for this palette because I really like the Heaven and Earth palette (you can read my review and swatch here). I brought this palette because I wanted to be able to create different looks and inject some colours into my make-up bag. This palette has a mixture of matte and shimmer eye shadows.

I think these colours look lovely and they are also very pigmented. I can imagine myself using all of these colours as they are very versatile and blendable.

I'm very disappointed with the matte eye shadows. As you can see that the black and white ones on the right hand side just doesn't look very pigmented at all. Even though, I have applied primer underneath and I also tried to pile on the eye shadows to make the white looks more visible but that didn't work out very well. The silver also started flake quite badly on my arm, I can't imagine what it's going to be like on my eyelid! The three shimmery ones are pretty good though.

Again, the matte one isn't very pigmented and the two bottom right hand side ones flake a lot, even with primer. The blue ones on top are quite nice.

The matte shadows in this palette are pretty much useless to me. You can barely see my swatch of them. Some of the eye shadows are very good but the bad ones disappoint me because I expected them to be pigmented and smooth to apply. Unfortunately, they don't quite live up to my expectation. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong about these eye shadows flaking because I read some reviews and no one seems to be picking up these colours. If so, let me know. Out of the 24 shades, I really like 14 of them and I have used a few of those colours to create this look.

You can get this from here or at Superdrug.
£8 for 24 shades.


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  1. hi! i just wondering,which of the 2 palettes (heaven&earth , undressed or immaculate) are worth to buy. i know that the palette weren't that expensive but i live outside of the uk and it cost me quite a bit to order it online.

    1. Personally, I hardly ever use my Immaculate palette. Before buying Undressed palette, I always use Heaven and Earth palette because it has all the shades needed for smoky eyes look. However, since getting the Undressed palette, I haven't really use the others at all. I think that the Undressed palette is great for both day and night look. It has been range of tone as well, considering it has pink tone nude, blue and black. :)
      Hope this helps.

    2. okay,thanks for the reply.i will buy Undressed palette since i've been eyeing it for a while now but other reviews about heaven&earth and immaculate has making me about to buy all 3 of them. thanks again :)