Hong Kong Haul: Steve Madden

Okay, I admit that I went a little bit shoes crazy in Hong Kong. At the beginning I was saving my money to buy some Jeffrey Campbell be...

Okay, I admit that I went a little bit shoes crazy in Hong Kong. At the beginning I was saving my money to buy some Jeffrey Campbell because I found a pair that I really like in Thailand. I didn't get it but as the time goes on I wanted it more and more. However, I couldn't find any decent Jeffrey Campbell after many days of going into many I.T. stores all over Hong Kong. So to console my disappointment, I went into Steve Madden instead.

This is the first pair of shoes I'd brought from Steve Madden. At first I was going to get the teal one but the only pair left in my size was the one on display and the shoes were two completely different colour. So I brought the nude ones because you can never have too many pair of nude shoes (amazingly, I only have theses ones). To be honest, this is the most comfortable wedges I have ever had. It might looks very high but the sole is very soft and the cork heels make it feel very light. I'm very glad that I brought this because it goes very well with most of my clothes.

I brought this pair at the same time as the one above because I couldn't decide on just one. I really like this because it's so colourful and the gold detailing is lovely. One problem I have with this wedge is that the peep-toe can be quite painful after a while but it's not the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn.

After realising how comfortable Steve Madden shoes are. I went back and brought some more. Although, to be fair my other flat has fallen apart after weeks of walking in the rain and heat. It was unrepairable but that gave me an excuse to get new shoes... These sandals are so comfy and I love the gold and bronze detailing. Surprisingly those straps doesn't hurt either, considering, if you buy sandals like these, the straps always manage to cut into your skin somehow. 

Does this pair of shoes look similar? Yes, I brought the same shoes in two colours. They are just so pretty. I mean, I didn't go out and think I will definitely get them in two colours but after I brought the first one, I went home and thought about it. I know I didn't need them in two colours but this pair of shoes was basically haunting me in my dream and I couldn't stop thinking about it. When that happens you know you really want something, so I went out and got it. Although, I probably wouldn't be able to get these shoes without the help of my very lovely boyfriend who also helped me decide which pair of shoes to get (or I would have been there for about 2 hours um-ming and ah-hing about) and of course he was holding all the shopping :D.

I don't think you can get these ones in England now but if you'd like to check out some of Steve Madden collection, they are available in House of Frazer.


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