Hauliday! - Beauty edition

After an amazing holiday in Asia for 6 weeks. I have gathered quite a bit of beauty products and I thought I'd share with you all. Thes...

After an amazing holiday in Asia for 6 weeks. I have gathered quite a bit of beauty products and I thought I'd share with you all. These things will probably feature in my future blog posts.  

My shopping spree started at the airport because, you know, they are cheaper there. I headed straight to MAC because I was planning on getting a few things and we were about 2 hours early, so plenty of time to shop :D

The first thing I brought is the Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation in NC25. At first I wasn't sure if I should get this but I really like the dewy looking foundation, so I brought it. I have been using this foundation throughout my holiday and I love it. You can get it from here or at any MAC counter. 
The price is £24 for 30ml. 

The second thing I brought from MAC is the Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation in NC25. I'm drawn to this foundation because it's different from the other foundation that I've got because it gives better coverage and it's more of a foundation I'd you for a night out or when I'm suffering from very bad skin. You can also get this from here or at any MAC counter. 
The price is £24 for 40ml.

The last thing I brought from MAC is Cremeblend Blush in Ladyblush. The shade is described as warm neutral coral. This is the first cream blush I've ever owned. So far, I really like it but I think I have to use it some more to get a hang of it. You can get this from here or at any MAC counter.
The price is £17.50 for 5.6g.

I went a little bit lip balm crazy when I was in Hong Kong. I brought the massively hyped EOS lip balm in Lemon and Strawberry because you can't get them in the UK and they were only HK$ 39 each (£3.22). I first tried the lemon one and I really like it so I went back to get the Strawberry one. Good thing that I did because my boyfriend really like the lemon one and considering he is really fussy about everything, I decided to give it to him (it's love!). I haven't try the strawberry one yet, seeing as I am a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of lip balm I have to try at the moment...as you can see.

Next lip balm I got is the Lip Therapy With Pure Extract - Jojoba oil. This cost HK$ 18 (£1.49). I'm oil obsessed, I have been wanting to try Jojoba oil in my hair for ages and I haven't found them in Holland&Barrett near me yet. So, I will have to try Jojoba oil on my lips first.

I brought a BEYOND Sweet Sweet Lip Moisture in Peach because I thought it was a different packaging of the Tony Moly Mini Peach Lip Balm but it's not. I have become a little bit in love with the peach smell. Even though, I thought this was a different product but it's one that I have been reaching to the most. It's not cheap at HK$ 56 (£4.62). I think it's because it's a Korean product.

The last lip balm (I promised) that I got in Hong Kong is the Tony Moly Mini Peach Lip Balm. I first saw this is a Festival's Walk. I smelled it in a shop (it smells absolutely gorgeous, very peachy) but I didn't get it because I was saving my money for a pair for Jeffrey Campbell. Seeing as I didn't find any Jeffrey Campbell that I like after about a week or so. I decided I really wanted this lip balm. However, it became one of the hardest lip balm to find ever and it took me ages to find. Therefore, I haven't even use this yet (I only open it occasionally to smell and coo over the cute peach shaped). It's probably not the cheapest lip balm ever at HK$ 68 (£5.61) but I love it.

I don't think you can get any of these products in the UK but if you ever go to Asia, I suggest you pick them up. I got everything from Sasa in Hong Kong. I have spent many beautiful hours in Sasa *starts to reminiscence*.

Okay, another purchase from Sasa because I LOVE SASA! Cyber Colors 24hr Eyebrow Pen in Brown at HK$ 88 (£7.26). I brought this because I found that in hot weather I can't really powder in my eyebrow because they don't really stay on (the heat just make the powder slide off). This one has the eyebrow pen on one side and the brow brush on the other side. Uber useful.

I have heard so many great things about L'Occitane hand cream. So when I found this in Sasa (seeing the pattern here) for HK$ 64 (£5.27) instead of £8 here in the UK I decided to give it a try. 

I have these cute little hair curlers shaped like Pumpkin, Strawberry and Peach. I think they are amazing, although I do look a little bit daft having these on my head but I think they are so cute. You can find similar ones from Ebay. PumpkinStrawberry and Peach. I brought them from Sasa for HK$ 19 (£1.57) per pack of 6. 

Next hair product is this bow hair velcro because they are quite useful for when I'm applying make-up. It helps if you have strayed fringe hair. You can get them from here.

Liposh Lip and Nose Wash Sponge. Although, I have been using this to apply my foundation like a beauty blender, I didn't know it was a lip and nose wash sponge... I brought this for HK$ 28 (£2.31) but you can get one from here.

This is my one and only beauty product I brought in Thailand because make-up just seems to cost so much more over there but seeing as I can't get this mascara in the UK. I brought this from Boots in Bangkok for 195 Baht (£3.95) so they are pretty cheap for a mascara.

Anyway, that's all my beauty hauliday, sorry if it's a bit long. I will be doing a fashion hauilday soon.

P.S. Thanks my lovely boyfriend Dave for carrying all of my shopping and sometimes my handbag for the past however long it has been. I couldn't shop this much without you <3


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