Beauty Love: Steamcream!

Considering it's my first post, so I would like to dedicate this to a product that I couldn't live without.I first heard of St...

Considering it's my first post, so I would like to dedicate this to a product that I couldn't live without.I first heard of Steamcream when I was browsing through beauty blogs. At that time, I was suffering from very dry skin on my face (my face felt like sandpaper!) and I read that Steamcream works wonder on dry skin because the cream can penetrate the skin very well. Whilst, I was reading the reviews online, some people are not too keen on the smell (lavender, if you are wondering) and considering Steamcream is a one product, one smell kinda thing (it’s made from natural ingredients fused together by steam), you can’t really pick and choose the smell. I decided to go for it in the end because I like the idea of the cute re-usable tins and ASOS had 20% off on their makeup selection…

Steamcream comes in aluminium tins in a variety of designs and it has a screw lid so you don’t have to worry about it popping open in your bag. Although, some people might not like the idea of having to dip their finger in to get the product because it's seems unhygienic but this doesn't bother me because I wash my hands before I moisture. The cream has a very strong lavender smell, so if you don’t like lavender, it’s probably not for you. However, the smell doesn’t linger all day. As for the cream once it’s absorbed into the skin, my skin feels hydrated and after a week of using it, my dry patches were gone.  It’s described as a multipurpose cream for face, hand and body. It works wonder for me because before I started using Steamcream I used to have very scaly legs (imagine snakeskin, eww!!) but now they are uber soft. All in all, Steamcream makes my skin a lot softer as well as getting rid of my dry skin. Woo!

Steamcream is probably one of the only cream that I have ever repurchased (I didn’t get on too well with some creams in the past that I found too thick or caused allergic reaction on my face). So far I have brought about 7 tins altogether, I gave 3 to my mum and I have used 2. Steamcream is retailed at £12.95 per tin or £13 if you are buying from ASOS, so it’s not cheap but totally worth it.

The tins are re-usable and so far I have only been imaginative enough to use it for putting in my earrings/shells and stones from the beach in Thailand. If you have better uses for the tins let me know.

TIP: it’s worth buying it in a gift set because it’s usually cheaper as I brought a set of 3 for £24 and a set of 2 for £15. That’s only if you are not fussy about the tin designs. Although I was very happy to see the London set on Steamcream website because I have been eyeing up the BIG BEN tin for ages! 

You can get them from here and here


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