Real Technique | Miracle Complexion Sponge

Monday, 1 September 2014
 Real Technique Miracle Complexion SpongeReal Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge has been a staple in my makeup bag for a while now. I personally love using makeup sponge to apply my foundation and concealer because it gives that airbrush dewy look to my skin. Even though, I have yet to plunge into the Beauty Blender sponge of the world, even if I have been putting it in my basket and taking it out a few times. So, if you are like me and cannot justify the expensive price for the Beauty Blender just yet and looking to add a makeup sponge into your makeup bag, then read on...

PriceReal Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge is the mid-range makeup sponge at £5.99 each whilst the Beauty Blender is £11.88 on Amazon or only £7.75 each if you buy two. So technically when looking at it that way, the Real Technique sponge is not as affordable as I originally thought.

ShapeReal Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge has pointy end perfect for getting the hard to reach places like under eyes area and around the nose. As well as a flat surface for getting the larger areas. Personally, I barely ever use the flat surface because I prefer to keep only one side of the sponge dirty. It only comes in one colour, orange, which makes it stands out from the rest of the white and pink makeup sponges. I also really like how the sponge feels quite dense and squidgy.

Use: Even though, you can use the Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge wet and dry but I think it works better when it is slightly damp. I normally squeeze a little bit of foundation onto the back of my hand and then dab the foundation with the sponge before applying onto my face with a bouncy and patting motion to work the foundation into my skin.

Problems: Although, it is fairly affordable at £5.99 but when comparing it other makeup sponge. It is not all that cheap. It also collects a lot product onto the sponge, which means you need to use double the foundation than you need to.

Would I repurchase or recommend this?: Well, honestly it is not too bad of a sponge. It works perfectly fine and it does give a lovely dewy and even finish. I do enjoy using it but I probably won't repurchase because I really want to give the Beauty Blender a go. I would recommend it for people that are like me and still in the between stage of cheap £0.99 makeup sponge and the hefty price of the Beauty Blender.

What is your favourite way of applying foundation?

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Nars | Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard

Friday, 29 August 2014
Nars | Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard
Nars | Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard

Ahh....the highly coveted Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer with its hefty price tag of £22. I expected it to be high coverage but at the same time does not make my under eyes look cakey. These are the qualities I look for in a concealer. 

Packaging: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer comes in simple black box with Nars logo. Inside the box, the packaging of the concealer is sturdy and clear with black rubberised screw top. I think the packaging is okay, it's sturdy and due to square tube shape it doesn't roll around on your makeup table. However, there is a problem with this packaging as you continue to use the concealer, the concealer will gather up at the lid and makes it all messy. I hate when things get messy in my makeup bag. 

Applicator: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer comes with a doe-foot applicator very similar to the Collection Concealer (which I really like and it is very similar to Nars'). It does its job of distributing the product but I don't find it to be anything special. 

Texture & Consistency: As the name suggested, this concealer is very creamy but at the same time it is quite light. It doesn't feel heavy on your skin and it is easy to blend. It also has a fairly high coverage. 

Finish: The shade I've picked is Custard as I find this to be perfect match for my NC25-30 skin tone. It has yellow tone and it is perfect for people with light to medium complexion. The concealer does cover my dark circles very well and it also brighten up my under eye area too. However, my problem with this concealer is that if I accidentally use a tiny hint too much, my under eye can look very cakey. 

Use: Apply 2-3 dots under the eyes area and blend either using fingers, concealer brush or sponge. I prefer blending this concealer with a brush because it just gives better finish. 

Problem: It can be cakey. I don't think that it works that well with people with dry skin because it does make dry patches more visible. I am also not a fan of how pricey this concealer is either. I would suggest getting the Collection Last Perfection Concealer instead if you are looking for something similar to this. 

Would I repurchase or recommend this?: I won't repurchase it because I have found a better concealer that fits my high coverage and non-cakey requirements. Also, I don't think I will recommend it to anyone either due to the price. Dry skin girls, please step away from this concealer, it is not meant to be for us. 

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Lush | Group Interview and Trial Shift Experience + Tips | Part 1

Thursday, 28 August 2014
Whilst I was in Hong Kong, Through Lush in Nottingham's Facebook page, I've found out that they was hiring for a Christmas Temp job. Being a Lush's addict, I really wanted this job because I love their products and I really wouldn't mind the 50% off staff discount. So, if you are looking work for Lush. I would suggest you following your local Lush's Facebook page

CV and Cover Letter
After googling some ideas about what to put in the cover letter. I sent in my CV and cover letter to their email address. Although, I would say that my cover letter is very different from my normal cover letter because it contains a lot of enthusiasm about Lush as a brand and it is probably not as 'professional' as if I were applying for a 'real job'. Then again, Lush isn't seen as one of those 'serious' company. They are more open-minded about who they hire; appearance wise. So, don't be afraid to be a little bit out there on your application but I don't think you have to go as far as getting dressed up and go into the shop to apply or writing them a song (I've read that some people actually did this).

Surprisingly, a few days after I sent in my application. I heard back from Lush asking me to come in for a group interview. I prepared for my interview by doing something very similar to this... I watched YouTube videos and read blog posts about other people's experience. Which I thought was very helpful because I didn't really know what to expect from a Lush's interview as people keeps saying that it would be very different. 

What To Wear
On the day of the interview, I've decided to dress fairly formally (navy blue knee length dress with black tights and nude flats). Even though, majority of the people were dressed informally with their fairly casual clothes. I guess Lush doesn't really care about what people wear to the interview, but my advice would be to wear something smart but don't go over to top and wear a suit to the interview because this is not your typical office job. Having said that I think that this job interview is not that different from your typical job interview. Sure, it has its quirks but a Lush job interview is still a job interview, so you still need to say and do the right things, obviously. 

Group Interview
At the group interview, there were about 10 of us, all fairly young (from 16 to mid-20) and we all sat around in half circle whilst the person in charge talk to us about what we were going to be doing in that hour and a bit about Lush as a company. I thought the person in charge was really nice and bubbly, I guess she is a clear example of what kind of person Lush wants. 

We began with a little exercise that reminds me of companies team building exercise that I saw in American's TV shows. You have to draw an animal that you personally identify with and explain to the group why you pick that animal, something that I honestly didn't prepare a good answer for and my drawing looked shockingly bad. We went around and talked about our animal of choice. The drawing wasn't the main focus, I think they just wanted to know what kind of person you are. Two people answered unicorn because they are unique..., although any answer with loving to work in a team would be considered a good answer. Companies love that. 

After that, we each got given a Lush product and we were told to come up with a way to sell and recommend this product to a customer in 30 seconds. You will be very lucky if you get given a product that you've used before or something with a label. I, on the other hand, was given a bar of soap that I have never used before but it wasn't that difficult to sell a bar of soap so I just used my basic knowledge about the ingredients that I can see and told them what the smell of the soap reminded me of. They seems to really like that part.

Team Work
We were separated into 3 groups of 3-4 and we were given a banana to peel. The girls in my group, didn't know how to peel banana (bless them). I peeled the banana, then we were told to cut the banana into 4 pieces (you can do this however you like). After that, we were told to put the banana back together to make it looks as 'banana-ly' as possible. Again, you can do this however you want, you get given some sellotape, ribbons, rubber bands, paper clips etc. The point isn't how the banana looks. They just wanted to see how you work in a team, so be to nice, make sure to get everyone involved and listen to suggestions from your team members. 

Then that was it for the interview. I originally thought that I wouldn't be contacted to come in for the trial shift because I thought I didn't do that well in the animal drawing part but they contacted me to come in anyway. However, the trial shift part will be in the part 2. So, if you want to know what happened then. Don't forget to follow my blog on BlogLovin'. Any questions regarding my group interview experience is welcomed :)

What is the strangest thing to happened to you at a job interview?

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